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Crypto Empire Tycoon - Idle



Do You Also Want to Reach ‘To the Moon’?

Start Your Cryptomining Now and Get Rich!
Become the World’s Biggest Bitcoin Miner and Show Everyone How It’s Done!

Begin with a Small Laptop, Purchase GPUs, ASICs, and Expand Your Technical Devices to Mining Powerhouses!
Buy Shelves, Install Air Conditioners, Position Ventilation Systems, Upgrade Your Power Supply, Build Power Transformers, Expand Your Industrial Halls to Create More Space, and Stay at the Cutting Edge of Technology to Beat Your Competition!

Buy and Sell Your Bitcoins and Ethereums at the Right Time to Maximize Profits and Avoid Price Fluctuations. With the Real Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange Rate Live in the Game, You Have the Strongest Connection to the Real Crypto World and Maximum Thrill!

You Won’t Succeed Alone, So Take Care of Hiring New Employees! More Employees Mean More Costs but Also More Revenue.
Showcase Your Managerial Skills, Improve Your Employees to Make Them Work Faster, More Efficiently, and Cost-Effectively.

Effort and Motivation Aren’t Everything! To Get Started, You Need a Lot of Money to Quickly Grow Your Small Business into a Corporation!
Investors Help You Grow Quickly and Succeed! But Money Isn’t Given Away for Free!
Offer Your Investors Interesting Returns or Participations So They Invest Valuable Capital in You.

You Start in Your Childhood Room, Move to the Garage, and Then Find Your First Industrial Hall.
From There, Expand and Discover Very Interesting Locations. High Up the Mountain in Glaciers, in the Desert with Pyramids, on a Ship Tanker in the Ocean, in the Middle of the City in Skyscrapers, Right in the World’s Largest Hydroelectric Power Plant, and More.

If You Enjoy Manager and Idle Games, You’ll Love Crypto-Mining-Tycoon!
An Easy-to-Play Game with Graphics and Controls That Will Truly Amaze You!
Have Fun Developing Your Skills as a Businessperson, Manager, and Investor.
Your Strategic Decisions Have a Real Impact on Your Success, and the Fast-Paced Crypto Mining Business Provides You with Endless Hours of Entertainment!

Enjoy the Game!


iOS, Android


Simulator, Manager, Tycoon


German, English