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Unveiling the Journey, Passion, and People Behind Ruleks Games

About us

We started small, tinkering with crypto mining rigs in a garage, and our curiosity led us on an exciting journey. Across different countries, we faced challenges and learned about technology and rules.

Late nights fixing issues and solving complex puzzles taught us resilience. Along the way, we had an idea: a game that captures the essence of crypto mining. This game, based on our real experiences, brings virtual fun and real-world knowledge together.

Switching from hardware to software was a new adventure. After many brainstorming sessions, we created our first game, honoring our mining roots and sharing our story.

Today, our game lets you experience the thrill of crypto mining in an immersive way. Our journey shows that passion and technology can open unexpected doors.

Step into our world, where crypto and gaming combine to tell a unique story of experience and enjoyment.


Picture of Rudolf Kosa

Rudolf Kosa

A versatile professional with expertise in marketing, business, investment, and organizational leadership. His dynamic career spans across industries, driving growth and innovation

Picture of Aleksandar Colic

Aleksandar Colic

Excels as a lead developer, showcasing mastery in Python, C#, and Java. His expertise extends to Unity game development, where he crafts engaging experiences. With a knack for innovation and a strong skill set, he's a driving force in software and game development.

Picture of Aleksandar Jeremic

Aleksandar Jeremic

The graphic designer who weaves magic with Blender, Photoshop, and animation. With a knack for creating immersive 3D worlds, pixel-perfect visuals, and captivating animations, Aleksandar brings your ideas to life in ways that resonate. Let's collaborate to make your vision a visual reality!